MARCH 6 - 8, 2015

At the Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center

Welcome to Monterey Bay, where we’ve been presenting the best in early jazz, big band, swing, ragtime, blues, zydeco and gypsy jazz for 35 years!

Old Friends


 Old Friends is just that — Bob Phillips (piano) and Jackson Stock (tuba, trombone) were members of the legendary Abalone Stompers, with whom Bill Dendle (banjo/guitar, trombone, vocal) played over 40 years ago! George Young (reeds) has been performing with Bob and Jackson for many years. Shelley Burns (vocal) is the newest friend in the group, having been married to Bill Dendle for just over 10 years. This band will perform standards, dixie, novelty, swing, and just about anything else, all with finesse, subtlety, and outstanding musicianship. A modicum of humor will undoubtedly be part of the mix as well, as Bill and Shelley just can’t help themselves.

Bill Dendle – leader, banjo, guitar
Bob Phillips – piano
George Young – reeds
Jackson Stock – tuba
Shelley Burns – vocals

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